Original  "Back to the Future" Movie Poster  40 x
25 inches     $525.00 plus $55.00 S&H  Rare
Original Rare Movie Poster "The Aristocats" 40 x
27  inches $1995.00 plus $65.00 Insured UPS
Delivery.      Extremely Rare
Posterbobs name is
---ONLY on the
-Internet Images
Pulp Fiction: Vintage Movie Poster 40 x 27
inches. Starring, John Travolta, Samuel L.
Jackson & Uma Thurman. This Poster has
virtually disappeared from the sales Market
$970.00 plus $55.00 Insured Courier Delivery
All Original Vintage
Posters on this page
have been placed on
double wall cardboard
and shrink wrapped and
will be shipped flat in
cardboard  boxes
This is a 1941 ORIGINAL "DUMBO" Movie Poster Printed
by One Stop Posters for The Walt Disney Company.
Probably the LAST and only one left in existence. We
have searched the Internet for years and have been
unable to find another
There is not a mark or crease on it. This poster is
ABOVE the top rating for MINT Condition To own this
Poster is to, "ACTUALLY own a piece of WALT  DISNEY
This Extremely Rare Original is app 28 x 22 inches
$28,900.00 plus $250.00 for overnight INSURED
15th Anniversary"The Rocky Horror Picture
Show" $749.99 plus $55.00 S&H    Rare
All poster measurements
are              approximate
ALL Vintage Movie Posters on this page are  
ORIGINAL NO Fakes, NO Reproductions
NO Reprints.
DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! by Suppliers who
Advertise their Movie Posters as, "NEW"
( they are Copies and Reprints)
Rare  Movie Posters
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Unique and One of a
Kind, Original Artistic
Old Movie Posters are
displayed on this page
Posterbobs  Rare, Vintage
& Collectible Original Movie
and Film Posters are mostly
one of a kind, unique and
unsurpassed for Artistic
Extremely Rare Theater Original Vintage
Movie Posters
"POLTERGEIST ": Original 40 x 27 inch
Movie Poster, with serial number
printed on it. Some slight damage and
tears. Fast becoming a Rare Poster.
$295.00 plus $55.00 Insured Delivery
Extremely Rare Original Vintage  Poster with
John Lennon, 1984, ONE of only THREE Known
to exist, 34 x 24 inches $ 1,950.00 plus $65.00
Insured Delivery
MOTHER LODE: Very Rare Vintage
Video Movie (creases) Poster,1982,
Starring Charleton Heston, 40 x 27
Inches $590.00 plus  $55.00 Insured
FAMILY PLAN: Rare Vintage Movie Poster,
1982, Starring Leslie Nielson and Judge
Reinhold, 38 x 27 Inches
$295.00 plus $55.00 Insured Delivery
MAGNOLIA: Extremely Rare Version with Tom
Cruises Picture in the Petals,
1999, 40 x 27 inches. Starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy
Blackman, Melinda Dillon, & William H. Macy.
plus $55.00 Insured Delivery
EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Rare Movie Poster
Excellent Condition, 1998, 40 x 27 inches,
Starring Ewan McGregor & Ashley Judd.
$495.00 plus $55.00 S&D
THE CLIENT: Original Rare Movie Poster, 1994
39 x 27 inches. In Excellent Rolled Condition Starring, Susan
Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones. $695.00 plus $55.00 Insured
Courier Delivery
Witness: Extremely Rare Version, 22 x 17 inches.
Starring Harrison Ford. $395.00 plus $55.00 insured
Courier Delivery
LETTERS FROM A KILLER: Extremely Rare Original
Vintage Unique Movie Poster, 39 x 27 inches. Starring
Patrick Swayze. $995.00 plus $55.00 insured Delivery
SHOAH: Unique One of a Kind Poster 40 x 27
inches. Center section is missing on web page
picture only to discourage copying. Original is in
ONE PIECE $14,000.00 plus $175.00 Insured
Courier Delivery.
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