Arthur Lismer

Journey through the dynamic brushstrokes and vibrant interpretations of Arthur Lismer with Posterbobs’ elite collection of 13″ x 10″ light canvas Giclees prints. This specially curated assortment showcases the genius of one of the Group of Seven’s cornerstone artists, capturing Lismer’s gift for portraying the untamed spirit of the Canadian wilderness.

Each Giclees print resonates with Lismer’s fervent energy, preserving the intensity and vividness of his original artworks. From the dense, verdant forests of the East to the roaring coastal waves of the Atlantic, the essence of Canada’s varied landscapes is beautifully encapsulated on our premium light canvas.

For art lovers with a penchant for Canadian Modernism, this collection is a vivid representation of Arthur Lismer’s legacy. His pioneering approach to art, characterized by bold colors and rhythmic patterns, finds a fitting tribute in every piece.

Opt for Posterbobs for an immersive Arthur Lismer experience. Experience the fervor and zeal of one of Canada’s legendary artists and the landscapes that inspired him. These Giclees prints serve as a window to Lismer’s universe, making them an esteemed acquisition for both longstanding admirers and those keen to explore his visionary world.

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