Lawren Harris

Embark on an exploration of Canada’s ethereal landscapes with Posterbobs’ premier collection of 13″ x 10″ light canvas Giclees prints, dedicated to the iconic works of Lawren Harris. This expertly curated selection celebrates a pivotal figure of the Group of Seven, renowned for his modernist and transcendental representations of Canada’s northern regions.

Each Giclees print exudes the purity and luminosity characteristic of Harris’s oeuvre. From the stark, majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the serene expanses of Lake Superior, the essence of Harris’s visionary approach to capturing nature’s spiritual essence is rendered exquisitely on our superior light canvas.

For connoisseurs of Canadian art and those seeking to connect with the country’s majestic wilderness, this collection is a testament to Harris’s unparalleled ability to transform landscapes into emotive symphonies of color and form. His deep introspection, combined with a profound appreciation for Canada’s raw beauty, radiates through each artwork.

Turn to Posterbobs for a genuine immersion in the world of Lawren Harris. Wander amidst ice-capped mountains, vast lakes, and luminous skies, all masterfully depicted by an artist who sought to elevate the natural world to a realm of the sublime. This collection offers a tribute to an artist whose influence on Canadian art is both profound and enduring.

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